Don't Feed the Shark

* A 14-foot-long great white shark circling in a shallow lagoon near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is reeling in the tourists.

The 2,000-pound female shark drifted too close to shore about a week ago and became stuck in the 20-foot-deep lagoon on Naushon Island. The rare sight has some local boat owners busy ferrying tourists in for a look. State wildlife officials hurriedly passed a rule making it illegal to annoy the fish.

Marine scientists were hopeful that high tides expected this week would allow the shark to return to the ocean. In the meantime, the lagoon has plenty of little fish, so the shark won't go hungry, they said.

A recording device inserted in the shark's fin will track where the fish goes in the next few months.

Thanks in part to the 1975 movie "Jaws," filmed near Cape Cod, great white sharks are feared as frenzied killers. However, there has not been a fatal attack by a great white shark in Massachusetts in 68 years, officials said.

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Learning a Healthier Way

* One-third of American kids are overweight, about half of them seriously so. A new school in California is trying to do something about it.

The Academy of the Sierras is thought to be the first school in the nation with a program designed for kids whose health is at risk because they are 30 or more pounds overweight.

Students live on campus and begin their day at 6:45 a.m. There's lots of exercise -- for example, students wear counters to tell them how far they walk each day. Meals and activities focus on good health. Even the snacks are nutritious: There's not a potato chip or candy bar in sight.

Students say they like the fact they are no longer taunted and teased by classmates. But this supportive environment isn't cheap: The academy costs $5,500 per month.

A great white shark swims in shallow waters near Cape Cod, Massachusetts.