For fall, jewelry is supposed to be delicate, pretty and shapely. And with autumn closets containing pencil skirts, ribbon-trimmed suits and capes, it's no wonder. "I think it goes very well with the sort of dressing-up femininity that we're seeing in fashion," says Constance White, style director for eBay. "We're seeing a lot of the drop earrings -- still chandelier styles -- with fewer stones, fewer appendages if you will."

The adornments combine beauty, classic design and whimsy. "A pearl stud is not just a pearl stud anymore, but now it's a dangle earring with a bunch of pearls," says designer Trish Becker.

With their stones, length and silhouette, earrings can either shout from the earlobes or quietly complete an outfit.

"Earrings are still an outstanding accessory," says White. "It seems to be the first accessory that women reach for even though we're moving into brooch season."

-- Janelle Erlichman Diamond

From left: Alexis Bittar lucite petal earrings, $158 at Pirjo, 1044 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Trish Becker Apatite six-drop chandelier earrings, $250 at or Sassanova, 1641 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Alexis Bittar chrysoprase, pearl and tourmaline cluster, $365 at Pirjo. Trish Becker natural-cut beryl and tourmaline in 14-karat gold, $195 at or Sassanova. Janna Conner new jade grapevine earrings in 14-karat gold ($105) and 14-karat gold acacia earrings in aventurine ($98) at Anthropologie or Proper Topper, 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW and 3213 P St. NW.From left: Viv & Ingrid long gold metallic fandangles ($135) and arrow double hoops ($71) at M. Flynn Too Square drop earrings with navy iolite and purple jade ($128) and windowpane earrings with blue topaz quartz and navy Swarovski crystal ($148) at the Kennedy Center Hall of States gift shop, 2700 F St. NW, or