A Couple of Jungle VIPs

* They left Washington by chartered jet Tuesday afternoon, headed for Iowa. On arrival, a motorcade of four police cars -- lights flashing -- escorted them to their destination.

Bush and Kerry out on the campaign trail?

No, Azy and Indah, brother and sister orangutans, headed for their new home.

The siblings are the first of four pairs of apes that will live in Iowa's new, 200-acre Great Ape Trust, where scientists will study their behavior and learning ability.

You may have seen Azy and Indah at the National Zoo, where they were born. Azy is the big brother in every sense: He was born in 1977 and weighs 270 pounds. His armspan -- the distance when he stretches his arms wide -- is more than eight feet.

Indah, who was born in 1980, weighs 120 pounds.

The two orangutans did well on the 21/2-hour flight to Des Moines, traveling in special "transportation suites." (Maybe they had an in-flight movie, like "George of the Jungle"!)

They drank fruit and lemonade, and even chewed gum to help their ears pop when the air pressure on the plane changed.

Once at their new home, they settled down to a hearty meal of -- what else? -- fresh Iowa corn.

Indah samples the corn in Iowa.