10 and Older

"First Daughter" (PG). Katie Holmes and a solid cast can't save painfully cute, wholly artificial fable about dutiful daughter of U.S. president (Michael Keaton) trying to enjoy her freshman year of college, but finding that a pop tart roommate (singer Amerie), beer, parties and a cute guy (Marc Blucas) land her in the tabloids. Considerable mild sexual innuendo for a PG -- references to getting "a little action"; drunkenness; emergency moves by Secret Service could startle under-10s.

"Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" (PG). Hugely inventive, lighthearted adventure patterned after old Saturday cinema serials puts live actors in computer-animated settings with often ravishing results, sometimes marred by confusing plot, dim light; Jude Law as fighter pilot, Gwyneth Paltrow as spunky newspaper reporter chase evil scientist whose robots invade 1930s Manhattan. Dizzying aerobatic dogfights, gun battles, slugfests; crude line spoken in foreign language, shown in subtitles; mild sexual innuendo; under-10s might find huge robotic monsters too scary.


"The Forgotten." Smart, surprising, well-made thriller in old TV "Twilight Zone" mold; Julianne Moore as mother grieving for boy lost in plane crash; she suspects her husband (Anthony Edwards) wants to erase her memories of the boy; with another bereft parent (Dominic West) she seeks out the weird truth, with the Feds hot on her trail. Intense emotions, upsetting themes; car crash; fall from a window; near-strangulation; man beaten up; gunplay; people disappear in a flash; drinking; profanity; mild sexual innuendo. Not for middle schoolers.

"Mr. 3000." Bernie Mac in mildly amusing, predictable, well-acted comedy about egocentric ex-baseball star who returns at age 47 to prove he's still a phenom after learning his 3,000-hit record was miscounted; he has a humbling comeuppance. Strong PG-13: sexual innuendo; implied overnight trysts; Viagra jokes; glimpse of Mac's derriere; crude language; middle-grade profanity; drinking. Teens.

"Wimbledon." Paul Bettany as tennis player near end of his career, Kirsten Dunst as ambitious American player fall in love during Wimbledon tourney in romantic comedy that triumphs over cliches with witty script, lively lens, wellplayed points, fine turn by Bettany. Casual sex precedes romance -- no sexual situations, but kissing, strongly implied trysts; subtle, sexually tinged humor; some lewd slang; sounds of lovemaking used for jokes; implied nudity; bare derrieres; profanity; toilet humor; gag about barbecuing a garden-invading rabbit. Not for preteens.


"The Motorcycle Diaries." Atmospheric, moving dramatization of spiritual journey of young Ernesto "Che" Guevara (Gael Garcia Bernal) before he became an icon of the Cuban revolution -- an asthmatic Argentine med student touring South America by motorbike in 1952 with Alberto Granado (Rodrigo De la Serna); they play at first, then see peasants in poverty and life in a leper colony and gain social awareness -- Guevara is portrayed as a secular saint; based on his "The Motorcycle Diaries" and Granado's "Traveling With Che Guevara." Profanity, sexual innuendo; mild sexual situations; drinking, smoking. In Spanish with subtitles. 15 and up.

"Woman Thou Art Loosed." Absorbing, though preachy parable of young woman's redemption, saved by Kimberly Elise's searing performance as former drug user and prostitute, in prison for murder; evangelist, Bishop T.D. Jakes (as himself -- his novel and play inspired the film) visits her to talk; flashbacks explore her childhood memories of molestation by her single mother's (Loretta Devine) boyfriend (Clifton Powell). Upsetting, strongly implied (but not shown) rape of child by abusive man -- we see her bloodied dress; gun death; other mild sexual innuendo; drug use. High schoolers.

"Shaun of the Dead." Truly funny British comedy spoofs zombie flicks and young men who lay about, zombie-like, playing video games and glugging beer; flatmates Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) gradually realize their neighbors have become zombies; with a few loved ones, they try to get to the pub, unbitten. Hordes of undead gorging on human flesh; bloody violence; steaming profanity; sexual innuendo; marijuana jokes; smoking, drinking; toilet humor. 17 and older.