Dear Abby:

My husband, "Sherman," and I sleep together. Recently I have noticed that he constantly moves his legs and feet. He does this even after he falls asleep.

I have lost a lot of sleep during the last few weeks because of his constant leg movements.

I approached Sherman this morning and asked him to go to the doctor and get something for this. He became defensive and refused. I told him if he isn't willing to go with me to the doctor, I'd have to sleep in another bed because I need my rest. I'm also afraid Sherman isn't getting the rest he needs, even though he may not realize it.

I feel if my husband respects me and cares about my feelings, he should be willing to go. Who is right?

Sleepless in Burlington, Wash.

You are, of course, and your husband is acting like a baby.

Since the symptoms are new, he should be examined by a doctor. Your husband may have a condition known as Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). (An estimated 10 percent of the population has it, and information about it can be found at the Web site of the National Restless Legs Foundation,

But first, since the patient who diagnoses himself has a fool for a doctor, make sure he consults a physician.

Dear Abby:

I threw a party at my house and invited my usual friends. "Dave" arrived wearing a pair of sunglasses, even though my party was at night. He perched the glasses over the bill on his baseball cap and left them there all evening.

The party was a barbecue outside in my back yard, and my 8-month-old Doberman, "Rommel," was running around. At some point, Dave's glasses fell off and Rommel used them for a toy. I had no idea what had happened until the next day, when Dave called and asked me to look for them.

When Dave found out my dog had ruined the glasses, he demanded that I pay for them to the tune of $350! I don't think I owe him any money. Am I wrong?

Dog Lover in Las Vegas

No, you are not wrong. The sunglasses were Dave's property, and he should have made sure they were protected. As his host, you had enough responsibilities on your shoulders during the evening. Dave shouldn't blame others for his carelessness. (Nice try, though.)

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