Read It and Sleep

* Are you yawning as you read this? Maybe you didn't get enough sleep last night.

People have different sleep needs. But experts agree that kids in school need from nine to 12 hours of ZZZZs each night.

A new study says that black children are less likely than white kids to get enough sleep. This was especially true for boys. Among the 10- and 11-year-olds in the study, nearly half of the minority boys -- most of them black -- got less than nine hours of sleep per night. One in 10 got less than eight hours of sleep.

Blacks usually went to bed later, with nearly a third having bedtimes after 11 p.m., the study found. Though everyone got up about the same time -- 7:40 a.m. -- minority boys went to bed about 30 minutes later than white kids did.

So what's the big deal about bedtimes?

For one thing, if you're sleepy in class, you probably aren't paying close attention, which means you might not do very well when it's quiz time. Also, lack of sleep tends to make people cranky.

And kids who don't get enough sleep are more likely to become adults who don't get enough sleep.

Are kids getting enough sleep? Remember, you can't stay up until the cows come home.