Walking: It's Old School

* Do you walk to school?

Probably not. In 2001, less than 16 percent of students between the ages of 5 and 15 walked or rode their bikes to school. In 1969, almost half of all kids walked or rode their bikes.

But yesterday kids in Fairfax, Bethesda, the District and other places throughout the country participated in Walk to School Day. In the District, more than 100 students from Watkins, Peabody, Payne, Tyler and Maury elementary schools and Stuart-Hobson Middle School gathered at Lincoln Park before walking to their schools.

There are lots of good reasons to walk to school: it's good exercise and good for the environment.

Still, there are reasons why some kids can't walk, including living too far from school or needing to cross busy streets.

But if you think it takes too much time to walk or bike, think about this: Kids can walk a quarter of a mile or ride a mile on a bike in five minutes. Some days, that's faster than the traffic!


* If you live in Virginia, the KidsPost page on new cloud stamps you saw Tuesday didn't show the true colors of the stamps because of a technical problem.

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Parents and students walk to school in Bethesda.