Rock | Pop | Blues

AUSTIN GRILL -- Dagmar & the Seductones, Saturday. 919 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring. 240-247-8969.

BANGKOK BLUES -- Off Trax, Friday; Deja Blue, Saturday; open mike, Tuesday; Siamse Cats, Wednesday. 926 W. Broad St., Falls Church. 703-534-0095.

BIRCHMERE -- The Radiators, Friday in the bandstand; John Hiatt and Jake Shimabukuro, Monday-Tuesday; John Hiatt and Jon Dee Graham, Wednesday-Thursday. 3701 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria. 703-549-7500.

BLACK CAT -- Q And Not U, Manhunter, Food For Animals and La Mi Vida Violenta, Friday; Rilo Kiley, Now It's Overhead and Tilly & the Wall, Sunday; Mountain Goats, John Vanderslice and Joan Of Arc, Monday; the Good Life, Neva Dinova and 89 Cubs, Tuesday; Gogol Bordello and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Wednesday; Mission Of Burma and Channels, Thursday. 1811 14th St. NW. 202-667-7960 or 202-667-4490.

BOBBY B'S -- Bob Berger & the Going Back Band, Wednesday-Thursday. 2132 Turkey Pt., Rd., Essex. 410-687-8838.

BOHEMIAN CAVERNS -- Open mike, Wednesday; Blues Project, Thursday. 2001 11th St. NW. 202-299-0800.

BRAVO'S -- Andre Fox, Friday. 11250 James Swart Circle, Fairfax. 703-352-0260.

BUFFALO WILD WINGS -- Reverend Hookems, Saturday. 1638 Carl D. Silver Pkwy., Fredericksburg. 540-548-8048.

BUFFALO WING U. -- Fine Swiss Cheese, Saturday; Jackie Gino, Wednesday. 10312 Willard Way, Fairfax. 703-273-6336.

BUNGALO BILLIARDS/ Cascades -- Ted Garber, Tuesday. 46300 McClellan Way, Sterling. 703-421-3776.

BUNGALO BILLIARDS/ Chantilly -- Larry Thomas, Tuesday. 13891 Metrotech Dr., Chantilly. 703-502-3925.

BUNGALO BILLIARDS/ Franconia -- Gary Thomas & Jeff Larrick, Tuesday. 7003-C Manchester Blvd., Alexandria. 703-924-8730.

BUNGALO BILLIARDS/ Shirlington -- Gary Smallwood, Tuesday. 209 N. Market St., Frederick. 301-695-6988.

CARMELLO'S -- Laurence McKenna, Saturday. 9108 Center St., Manassas. 703-368-5522.

CAT'S EYE PUB -- Bad Neighbors, Friday; Swingin Swamis, Saturday afternoon; Garry Cogdell & the Complainers, Saturday night; Tonehounds, Sunday; Chaz DePaolo, Tuesday; Mulemen, Wednesday; Dame's Rocket, Thursday. 1730 Thames St., Baltimore. 410-276-9866.

CHAMPION BILLIARDS/ Frederick -- The Rockets, Friday; 39 Mariner, Saturday. 5205 Buckeystown Pk., Frederick. 301-846-0089.

CHAMPION BILLIARDS/Laurel -- Alive 'N' Kickin, Saturday. 904 Upper Fairlawn Ave., Laurel. 301-604-1300.

CHAMPION BILLIARDS/ Rockville -- The Sandra Dean Band, Saturday. 1776 E. Jefferson St., Rockville. 301-231-4949.

CHAMPION BILLIARDS/Towson -- Still Counting, Friday. 1969 E. Joppa Rd., Towson. 410-665-7500.

CHEESEBURGER IN PARADISE -- Laurence McKenna, Tuesday. 1811 Carl D. Silver Pkwy., Fredericksburg. 540-548-3092.

CLARENDON GRILL -- Vs. The Earth, Saturday. 1101 N. Highland St., Arlington. 703-524-7455.

CLUB AMAZON -- Lissen and Y2K, Saturday. 13501 Baltimore Ave., Laurel. 301-210-3466.

CLUB LEVELS -- Sugar Bear and EU, Thursday. 1960 Montana Ave. NE. 202-269-0100.

CLUBHOUSE -- Tuff Luck, Saturday. 9008 Mathis Ave., Manassas. 703-331-0998.

CLYDE'S -- Bob & Jerry, Saturday; Fran Scuderi, Thursday. 1700 N. Beauregard St., Alexandria. 703-820-8300.

CLYDE'S -- Jim Preston & John Harbison, Monday; Fran Scuderi, Wednesday. 3236 M St. NW. 202-333-9180.

COWBOY CAFE SOUTH -- Blues Museum, Saturday. 2421 Columbia Pike, Arlington. 703-486-3467.

CRYSTAL CITY SPORTS PUB -- Gary Smallwood, Wednesday. 529 S. 23rd St., Arlington. 703-521-8215.

DC9 -- Verbal, Dynasty and Zerobridge, Friday; Rotoglow, Lennex and Long Since Driven, Saturday; U.S.E., Aqueduct and Kendy Whales, Tuesday; Midnite Roger and Sleeper, Wednesday; King Valley and the Last Vegas, Thursday. 1940 Ninth St. NW. 202-483-5000.

DUKE'S -- Larry Thomas, Friday. 1755 Duke St., Alexandria. 703-838-9600.

ELLINGTON'S -- Henry Chung & Clarence Turner, Thursday. 424 Eighth St. SE. 202-546-8308.

FADO IRISH PUB -- The Evermores, Saturday. 808 7th St. NW. 202-789-0066.

FAST EDDIE'S/ALEXANDRIA -- Electric Company, Friday. 6220 Richmond Hwy., Alexandria. 703-660-9444.

FAST EDDIE'S/FAIRFAX -- That Guy, Friday; Eric King & the Thin Line, Saturday. 9687 Lee Hwy., Fairfax. 703-385-7529.

FAT TUESDAY'S/FAIRFAX -- The Viki Nova Band, Friday; EBO, Saturday; Gordon & Ryan, Wednesday; Laid Back, Thursday. 10673 Braddock Rd., Fairfax. 703-385-5717.

FINEWINE.COM -- BG & the Mojo Hands, Saturday. 20A Grand Corner Ave., Gaithersburg. 301-987-5933.

FIRESTONE'S -- Flatfoot Sam & the Educated Fools, Friday; Subject to Change, Saturday. 105 N. Market St., Frederick. 301-663-0330.

FLANAGAN'S -- Mary Ann Redmond, Sunday. 7637 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda. 301-986-1007.

FOXCHASE TAVERN -- Schizophonic, Friday; Smylin Jack, Saturday. 20789 Great Falls Plaza, Cascades. 703-444-8666.

FRONT PAGE -- Brad Pugh, Thursday. 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. 703-248-9990.

FUNK BOX -- The Slip and Robert Walter's 20th Congress, Friday; the Saw Doctors, Saturday; Bio Ritmo and KOE, Tuesday; Dark Star Orchestra, Wednesday; Leon Russell and Hamilton Loomis, Thursday. 10 E. Cross St., Baltimore. 410-625-2000.

GRIFF'S PLACE -- Ty Braddock & the Branded Men, Friday. 5500 Olney-Laytonsville Rd., Olney. 301-926-0100.

GROG & TANKARD -- OMT, Soft Release, and Dave Zaidain, Friday; Ten Mile Tide, Mathias, Summer Rain, Cascade in Blue, Safekeep and Soundriot, Saturday; open mike with Bruno Compas, Monday; hip-hop open mike, Tuesday; High Tide, Random Access, Plastic Sky and Eleven Eleven, Wednesday; On the Bus, the Casual Fiasco and Oliver Automatic, Thursday. $6 2408 Wisconsin Ave. NW. 202-333-3114.

HALF MOON BBQ -- Billy Kemp & Willbilly, Friday; J.P. McDermott & Western Bop, Saturday; open mike with Bob Perilla, Tuesday; Henry Butler, Thursday. 8235 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. 301-585-1290.

INN ZONE -- Zipper, Friday. 7395 Lee Hwy., Falls Church. 703-876-6716.

IOTA -- Marah and Jake Brennan, Friday; the Twinemen and Kat Parsons, Saturday; Ben Lee and Pony Up, Sunday; Mieka Pauley and Adrianne, Monday; VHS or Beta and the Bravery, Tuesday; Laura Viers, Thursday. 2832 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. 703-522-8340.

JAMMIN' JAVA -- Xavier Rudd and Nine Mile, Saturday; Cecilia, Sunday daytime show; the Brindley Brothers and Brainfang, Tuesday; Josh Joplin and Cordero, Wednesday; Robbie Schaefer and Stargazer Lily, Thursday. 231 Maple Ave. E., Vienna. 703-255-1566.

JAXX -- Zeke and the Sign Off, Friday; Lull, Just Wait, D.N.S., Down To This, Elysion and Common Effect, Saturday; Population 1, Nuno Bettencourt, the Michael Sheppard Group, Mark Curran, Some Odd Reason and Pete Evick, Wednesday. 6355 Rolling Road, Springfield. 703-569-5940.

J.J. MULDOON'S -- Buddha Belly & the Rhythm Shakers, Saturday; Jessie Taylor, Sunday; Kevin Poole, Wednesday. 16143 Shady Grove Rd., Gaithersburg. 301-258-8866.

JTK -- Raw Image Band and Superiorgroove, Friday; the Backyard Band and Elevation, Sunday. 4321 Bladensburg Rd., Brentwood. 202-582-8200.

J.V.'S -- The Outskirts of Town, Friday; the Waverly Milor Blues Band, Saturday; the Andrew Acosta Bluegrass Band and Dave Elliott's Redneck Jazz Band, Sunday; Joe Stanley and Blue Lou, Monday; the Brinson "Doc" Reed Band, Tuesday; open mike with Martha Capone & Bob Hume, Wednesday; Randy Waller, Thursday. 6666 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church. 703-241-9504.

KILI'S KAFE & LOUNGE -- Bryan Mills' Soul Sponge and Devine Nature, Wednesday. 2009 8th St. NW. 202-271-3217.

LEGEND -- EU and Suttle Thoughts, Friday. 3225 Naylor Rd., Temple Hills. 301-894-3535.

LUNA PARK GRILLE -- First Rays, Friday; Cactus Liquors, Saturday. 5866 N. Washington Blvd., Arlington. 703-237-5862.

MADAM'S ORGAN -- The Shambles, Friday; the Soul Truth & Billy Mayfield, Saturday; Lucky Dog & Larry Meisse, Sunday; One Nite Stand, Monday; Brother Shamus, Tuesday; the Johnny Artis Band, Thursday. 2461 18th St. NW. 202-667-5370.

NATION -- Insane Clown Posse, Mac 10, Mushroomhead and Anybody Killa, Wednesday. 1015 Half St. SE. 202-554-1500 or 202-432-7328.

NED DEVINE'S/FAIRFAX -- Fun House, Thursday. 3971 Chain Bridge Rd., Fairfax. 703-293-9600.

NED DEVINE'S/HERNDON -- The Interns, Friday; Love Seed Mama Jump, Saturday. 2565 Centreville Rd., Herndon. 703-793-7377.

NEIGHBOR'S -- GrooveQuest, Saturday. 262-D Cedar Lane SE, Vienna. 703-698-8010.

9:30 CLUB -- Vertical Horizon and Stroke 9, Friday early show; Hope of the States, Autolux and Inouk, Friday late show; the Cramps, Gore Gore Girls and Shortstack, Saturday; Coheed & Cambria, underOATH and 3, Sunday-Monday; Camper van Beethoven, Tuesday; PJ Harvey, Wednesday early show; Critters Buggin' and Benevento Russo Duo, Wednesday late show; Mindy Smith, Charlie Mars and Garrison Starr, Thursday. 815 V St. NW. 202-393-0930 or 703-218-6500.

OASIS -- Butter, Friday. 13188 Marina Way, Woodbridge. 703-494-5000.

OTTOBAR -- Hot Snakes, Mr. Airplane Man and Two Tears, Friday; Violator, Saturday; Fu Manchu, Monday; Mirah, Tara Jane Oneil, Wednesday; Walking Concert, Thursday. 2549 N. Howard St., Baltimore. 410-662-0069.

OUTTA THE WAY CAFE -- Rock 'N' Roll Relics, Saturday; open mike with John Harbison, Thursday. 7503 Redland Rd., Rockville. 301-963-6895.

OZIO -- Andre Fox & David Cribbs, Monday and Wednesday. 1813 M St. NW. 202-822-6000.

RAGTIME -- The Grommits, Friday; the Laughing Man Trio, Saturday; Big Town, Tuesday; the Taproom Uglies, Wednesday; Slim Pickins, Thursday. 1345 N. Courthouse Rd., Arlington. 703-243-4003.

RAMS HEAD TAVERN -- Them Eastport Oyster Boys, Friday; Concrete Blonde, Monday. 33 West St., Annapolis. 410-268-5111 or 410-268-4545.

RECHER THEATRE -- Steel Pulse and Leni Stern, Friday; Dog Fashion Disco, Catatonik, Marino, Oddzar and Mod Flanders, Saturday; Mindy Smith, Charlie Mars and Garrison Starr, Sunday; Badfish, Can't Hang and Ordinary Peoples, Thursday. 512 York Rd., Towson. 410-337-7178.

RED HEIFER -- Bart Stringham, Thursday. 4844 Cordell Ave., Bethesda. 301-951-5115.

RHODESIDE GRILL/ Arlington -- Upper Cut, Friday; the Outskirts, Saturday; Gary Cocuzzi, Wednesday; One Nite Stand, Thursday. 1836 Wilson Blvd, Arlington. 703-243-0145.

RIVERSIDE GRILLE -- Jake Phillips, Friday. 3050 K St. NW. 202-342-3535.

ROCKBOTTOM BREWERY -- Larry Thomas, Saturday; Brad & Rob, Wednesday; Ted Garber, Thursday. 4238 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. 703-516-7688.

ROCKBOTTOM BREWERY -- Ted Garber, Saturday. 7900 Norfolk Ave., Bethesda. 301-652-1311.

SAFARI STEAKHOUSE -- Familiar Faces, Friday; Suttle Thoughts, Saturday. 9430 Annapolis Rd., Lanham. 301-459-8100.

SALOUN -- The Unforgiven, Thursday. 3233 M St. NW. 202-965-4900.

SEA SEA & CO. -- Ron MacDonald & Nightwatch, Friday-Saturday. 201 Mill St., Occoquan. 703-690-2004.

SHARK CLUB -- Andre Fox, Tuesday. 14114 Lee Hwy., Centreville. 703-266-1888.

SHOOTER McGEE'S -- Schizophonic, Saturday; Gary Smallwood, Thursday. 5239 Duke St., Alexandria. 703-751-9266.

SOBE CAFE -- Jeff Lefler, Thursday. 3100 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington. 703-528-0033.

SOUTH RIDING INN -- Smoke 'n' Mirrors, Saturday. 43090 Peacock Market Square, South Riding. 703-327-8055.

STATE THEATRE -- Wynonna Judd, Tuesday; Dark Star Orchestra, Thursday. 220 Washington St., Falls Church. 703-237-0300.

SULLY'S -- Smylin Jack, Friday; Switched at Birth, Saturday. 14513 Lee Jackson Hwy., Chantilly. 703-818-9292.

SUNSET GRILLE -- The Shambells, Saturday; the Boones Farmers, Sunday; Toro Gamble & Friends, Tuesday; the Patty Reese Band, Wednesday; Johnny Castle's Thrillbillys, Thursday. 7250 Columbia Pike, Annandale. 703-658-0928.

TAKOMA STATION -- Familiar Faces, Wednesday. 6914 Fourth St. NW. 202-829-1999.

TIFFANY TAVERN -- Flying Blind, Friday. 1116 King St., Alexandria. 703-836-8844.

TOWER OAKS LODGE -- Rob-N-Max, Tuesday; Harry Traynham, Wednesday. 2 Preserve Pkwy., Rockville. 301-294-0200.

UNCLE SAM'S -- Jerx, Saturday. 1440 Central Park Blvd., Fredericksburg. 540-787-1990.

VILLAGE WHARF -- Small Town, Friday; Harmless Prank, Saturday. 7966 Fort Hunt Rd., Alexandria. 703-765-0661.

WHITLOW'S ON WILSON -- Shag, Friday; Boogiehawg, Saturday; the Kenny Haddaway Band, Thursday. 2854 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. 703-276-9693.

ZIG'S -- Michael Pearsal and Midnight Roger, Friday; Adam Marsland, Tuesday; Kebin Klien, Wednesday; Kadman, Thursday. 531 Duke St., Alexandria. 703-823-2777.

Acoustic | Irish | World

AFTERWORDS -- Hurricane Howie, Saturday. 1517 Connecticut Ave. NW. 202-387-1462.

BALDWIN'S STATION -- Lowen & Navarro, Sunday; Side by Side, Wednesday. 7618 Main St., Sykesville. 410-795-1041.

BIRCHMERE -- Livingston Taylor and Naomi Sommers, Friday; Christine Lavin, Saturday; Fairport Convention, Sunday. 701 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria. 703-549-7500.

BOMBAY TANDOOR -- John Bell, Thursday. 8603 Westwood Dr., Vienna. 703-734-2202.

CAFE MOZART -- Temur Tsagaris & Oleg Ternovsky, Friday and Thursday. 1331 H St., NW. 202-347-5732.

CHI-CHA -- French Connection, Sunday; Duende Camaron, Monday; Con Candela, Tuesday; Patrick de Santos & Dan Reynolds, Wednesday; Los del Barrio, Thursday. 1624 U St. NW. 202-234-8400.

CLARENDON GRILL -- Jake & Joe, Friday. 1101 N. Highland St., Arlington. 703-524-7455.

FLANAGAN'S -- Conor Malone, Friday-Saturday. 7637 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda. 301-986-1007.

FOCUS INN -- Carla Ulbrich and Zoe Mulford, Sunday. Church of the Resurrection, 2280 N. Beauregard St., Alexandria. 703-548-8699.

FREDERICK COFFEE CO. -- Carla Ulbrich, Monday. East and Church streets, Frederick. 301-698-0039.

HALF MOON BBQ -- Open mike with Bob Perilla, Tuesday. 8235 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. 301-585-1290.

IRELAND'S FOUR PROVINCES/DC -- Donegal Xpress, Friday-Saturday; Roger Henderson, Sunday; the Sean Fleming Band, Tuesday-Thursday. 3412 Connecticut Ave. NW. 202-244-0860.

IRELAND'S FOUR PROVINCES/FALLS Church -- Danny Doyle, Friday-Saturday; Brook Yoder, Tuesday-Thursday. 105 W. Broad St., Falls Church. 703-534-8999.

IRELAND'S OWN -- Patrick O'Flaherty and Brook Yoder, Friday-Saturday; Patrick O'Flaherty, Sunday-Monday; Pat Garvey, Tuesday-Thursday. 111 N. Pitt St., Alexandria. 703-549-4535.

IRISH TIMES -- Pete Papageorge, Wednesday-Thursday. 14 F St. NW. 202-543-5433.

JAMES JOYCE PUB -- Kevin James, Friday-Saturday. 616 President St., Baltimore. 410-727-5107.

JAMMIN' JAVA -- AJ Croce and Rich Price, Friday; Al Petteway and Amy White, Sunday. 232 Maple Ave. E., Vienna. 703-255-1566.

KATE'S -- Rocky Guttmann, Friday-Saturday; open mike, Monday; Dave Berry, Tuesday-Thursday. 6131 Backlick Rd., Springfield. 703-866-0860.

LAPORTA'S -- Esther Haynes, Wednesday. 1600 Duke St., Alexandria. 703-683-6313.

MADAM'S ORGAN -- Bob Perilla & Big Hillbilly Bluegrass, Wednesday. 2461 18th St. NW. 202-667-5370.

MOON CAFE -- Open mike, Thursday. 137 Prince George St., Annapolis. 410-280-1956.

MRS. O'LEARY'S PUB -- Doherty and McBurnie, Friday; Dogs Among the Bushes, Saturday; Jim Hartley, Thursday. 555 Quince Orchard Rd., Gaithersburg. 301-947-1993.

MURPHY'S/D.C. -- Kevin James, Tuesday-Thursday. 2609 24th St. NW. 202-462-7171.

O'BRIEN'S BARBECUE -- Artisan and Curtis & Loretta, Wednesday. 387 E. Gude Dr., Rockville. 301-340-8596.

O'BRIEN'S OYSTER BAR -- Suzi, Tuesday. 113 Main St., Annapolis. 410-269-0099.

OLD BROGUE -- Sanford & Lena, Friday-Saturday; Dusty Rose, Wednesday. 760 Walker Rd., Great Falls. 703-759-3309.

PARKER'S -- Ted Garber, Sunday. 4824 Bethesda Ave., Bethesda. 301-654-6366.

RAMS HEAD TAVERN -- The Doug Segree Band, Wednesday33 West St., Annapolis. 410-268-5111 or 410-268-4545.

ROYAL MILE PUB -- The Michael Patrick Band, Saturday. 2407 Price Ave., Wheaton. 301-946-4511.

ST. ELMO'S COFFEE PUB -- Steven Samuels, Friday; Dead Men's Hollow, Saturday; Patrice Moerman, Wednesday. 2300 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria. 703-739-9268.

STARLAND CAFE -- The Bank Street Band, Friday. 5125 MacArthur Blvd. NW. 202-244-9396.

STATE THEATRE -- Kiko Cavalcante & Band, Villy & Paulo, Quarteto So, Carlinhos Baptista, Roberto Birimbal Quarteto and Richard Miller, Friday. 220 N. Washington St., Falls Church. 703-237-0300.

TIFFANY TAVERN -- open mike, Monday-Thursday. 1116 King St., Alexandria. 703-836-8844.

TORTILLA FACTORY -- Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen, Tuesday. 648 Elden St., Herndon. 703-471-1156.

WHITLOW'S ON WILSON -- Willem Dicke, Tuesday; Down Dexter, Wednesday. 2854 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. 703-276-9693.