The late fluorescent-light artist Dan Flavin has been called a minimalist, but, like the ghost of a bright lamp that lingers on the retina even after you close your eyes, the long-term impact of his fluorescent-light sculptures, on view in the National Gallery of Art's "Dan Flavin: A Retrospective," is maximal. Call 202-737-4215 (TDD: 202-842-6176). See review on Page 61.

-- Michael O'Sullivan


Ross McElwee's "Bright Leaves" is an engaging documentary about everything on the filmmaker's mind, from the lure of tobacco leaves to McElwee's obsession with a Gary Cooper movie that might be about his great-grandfather. It's an amusing and touching hour and a half. See review on Page 45.

-- Desson Thomson


Missed last weekend's Dance DC Festival? There's one more chance to join the Family Folk Celebration Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 7 at Dance Place. The program features dance from around the world, including Carla & Company; Coyaba Dance Theater; Ciocarlie, Ciocarlie; Culture Shock; and the Ashe Moyubba Folkloric Ensemble. Bring the kids: One child 12 and younger is free with a paying adult. Call 202-269-1600.

-- Lisa Traiger


Dinosaur Rock -- Iggy? Ozzy? The Stones? No, this is the 20th anniversary of "Dinosaur Rock," the story of a yodeling paleontologist whose magic spells bring dinosaurs to life. The album begat a kiddie musical which begat a traveling company and three more musicals featuring the songs of chief paleontologist Michele Valeri, Michael Stein and Joe Pipik and wonderful puppet designs by Ingrid Crepeau. Family fun with a twist of history, Saturday at 1 and 3 at Discovery Theatre in the Smithsonian's Arts & Industries Museum. (The museum is closed, but the theater remains open.) Call 202-357-1500.

-- Richard Harrington

Hack the Hadrosaur joins "Dinosaur Rock" Saturday.