Dear Heloise:

I can't find the hint about what to do when drinking glasses stick together, and I have two that are. Could you let me know how to get them separated again?

Ann from Atlanta

Here's a method to try that we received from a restaurant worker. Important: Don't try to pull the glasses apart. You could break or scratch them. Instead, try this: Lift the glasses by the inner glass and carefully tap the outer one with a piece of silverware. Have something soft for the glass to land on, as it should come apart on the first tap.

Caution: Don't put your hand in the glass unprotected. If the glass breaks, you could cause serious damage to your hand.

You can also try this: Put some ice cubes in the inner glass, which should make it contract, then set the outside glass in hot (not boiling) water, which should cause the outer glass to expand. Wait a few minutes and gently try to pull them apart. Good luck!

Dear Heloise:

I like to be creative with my fresh-cut flowers and what serves as their background. So, here are my suggestions for greenery around fresh-cut flowers: Stick a little spider-plant baby into a bud vase before you put your rose in. The spider plant will survive in just water, and the effect is very nice. Use those trailing philodendron bits to surround other flowers.

Ann Cox from Colorado

Dear Heloise:

I have come across a cure for early-morning frosted auto mirrors. I place a plastic freezer bag over the mirrors each evening, and in the morning the mirrors are crystal-clear, and the bags are reusable. Works for both evening dew and winter ice.

Chuck Mushett

Bella Vista, Ark.

Dear Heloise:

This is in regard to washing-machine odor: Simply leaving the lid open at the end of the day's washing (my manual says to do this) will dry out the washer and help eliminate odors. My machine is more than 5 years old, and it is odor-free after all this time. Of course, if your washer has a lint filter, that definitely should be cleaned as well.

A Grateful Reader

Santa Ana, Calif.

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