Tonight is the last of three debates between President George W. Bush and Sen. John F. Kerry. But with KidsPost's presidential puppets, you can have a debate any time you want. Just follow the directions. You can fill in the word balloons using phrases from the actual debates (see below) or come up with your own words for the candidates to say. It really works!

-- Text and illustration by Christopher Bing

What You'll Need

Scissors, cardboard (not too thick), paste or glue, and four metal fasteners.


1. Cut out the heads and the two striped bars along dotted lines. (You'll have four pieces.)

2. Cut the candidates' chins and necks from their heads (along the solid line) and toss the chin pieces.

3. Glue the four pieces that remain onto cardboard. When dry, carefully trim closer to the images.

4. Poke small holes (be careful!) in the four numbered spots.

5. Line up the numbered spots on the heads with the numbered spots on the bars. The bar with stars goes behind the heads. The bar with jaws goes in front. Now attach the pieces using metal fasteners. (See diagram below.)

6. Pull the bars back and forth (don't be too rough or they'll tear) and watch the candidates move their mouths. Whether they say something important is up to you.