One Year Later:

Separated Twins OK

* One year ago today, KidsPost reported that Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim, Egyptian twins born joined at the head, had been successfully separated during a 34-hour surgery.

So what's happened to them in the last 12 months?

The bubbly 3-year-olds are now starting to walk and can talk in two languages, eagerly repeating words and greeting visitors by saying "Hi." Doctors in Dallas, Texas, where the twins continue to receive medical care, say their future looks bright.

Mohamed gets around better than his brother, but Ahmed's language skills are better: He can count in English and Arabic. The boys still have feeding tubes, but can eat and drink on their own.

"We don't place any limitations on their improvement," said Dale Swift, one of five neurosurgeons who separated the twins last year in a delicate operation that doctors thought the boys might not survive.

Ahmed and Mohamed were born in June 2001 in Egypt. Their parents risked the surgery to give them the chance to live normally. For now, they must wear helmets to protect their heads. Surgery to rebuild their skulls is scheduled for January.

Three-year-olds Ahmed, left, and Mohamed.