For the first time, my three girls are in all-day school. Time to clean spaces that hadn't been touched in a while, starting with their "special drawers" -- a drawer for each to store keepsakes and whatnot. Roselyn, my second-grader, had an abundance of clutter. I was about to recycle a bag of crumpled Post-its when I realized it contained all the notes with happy faces and XOXOs that I had packed in her lunchbox since kindergarten. I thought she saved just junk in that drawer, but then I realized she saved my love for her there.

Leslie Nissenberg

Ellicott City

My son is sweet as pie one minute, but looks at me with the most mischievous eyes the next. His look reminds me of Canobie Lake. I am spinning on the teacups across from my mother and pulling on the bar in the center. She shouts, "Stop, it's going too fast!" I'm pulling as fast as I can because it's too much fun to stop. This is my best memory of her. We talk on the phone sometimes now, but she is usually on her way to work or in the middle of something.

Kristin Ruiz


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