KidsPost readers wrote us letters about why kids should be allowed to vote, bad news in the newspaper and what the most challenging sports are. Here's a sampling of what's on readers' minds:

Kids and Voting

Why can't kids under 18 vote? . . . First of all, many people think adults have smarter minds than children. This is not true. We kids have reasons why we should vote, and it is not like somebody will lower toy prices. Second of all, we are all humans and we all should get our own voting rights. We kids should be treated just like adults. Instead, in voting, we are like African Americans or women several decades ago, when they could not vote.

David Zhang, 8, Boyds

Bad News in the Newspaper

Why do you talk about bad news? Is it to attract people? You would attract more people by talking about good and bad things.

Gavi Crane, 8, Silver Spring

The Greatest Athletes

I know exactly what sport requires more strength and determination [Speak Out, Sept. 14]. How about gymnastics? . . . Every practice we have 45 minutes of just conditioning, where we do a lot of stomach, legs and arms conditioning. We also do 15 minutes of just running, nonstop. . . . To do this sport, you must be very graceful, flexible and very strong.

Carlin Tettelbach, 13,

Fairfax Station

I think swimming needs the most strength and determination because you have to use most of the parts of your body, like your arms and feet. You have to hold your breath.

Lauren Lattimore, 9, Bowie

Archery needs strength for pulling the bow string and determination because you may miss the target. But if you keep trying, you will get better.

Jacob Evans, 9, Bowie

I think soccer is most athletic because you get lots of exercise and you have as much fun as you want. But you have to stick to the task or you will not score a goal.

Bridget Woolery, 9, Bowie

Should kids be

able to vote?

Nars Santillan, 10, considers his options in a mock election in Roswell, New Mexico.Carlin Tettelbach practices gymnastics on the beach.

Carlin Tettelbach practices gymnastics

on the beach.