Dear Heloise:

Do you know of any way to remove bumper stickers from cars? Mine has been on there for about five months.

D.W., via e-mail

Try this: Heat a corner of the bumper sticker with a hair dryer, and carefully lift it using the edge of a knife. The sticker should start peeling up. Keep using the hair dryer as you go to help soften the adhesive underneath.

Also, boiling water can do the trick. Just pour slowly (be careful) over the bumper sticker to soften the adhesive, and immediately try to lift the sticker from a corner. Continue pulling it up, but you might need more boiling water for areas where the adhesive proves to be stubborn.

Once the sticker is removed, it might leave a sticky residue, which can usually be removed by spraying with a prewash spray and scrubbing with a nylon-net scrubbie.

Dear Heloise:

Not long ago it was my brother's turn to clean out the microwave. With two kids, my brother, a roommate and myself, it gets pretty messy! My brother was dreading the chore. I told him to put a container of water in the microwave and nuke it for 30 seconds, and then the crud would wipe right up! My brother was astounded, and water is cheaper than those new microwave cleaners that you buy at the store.

Donna Davis, Oakton, Va.

Donna, this does work, but please keep in mind that you must let the water cool in the microwave for at least 15 minutes before opening the door. Although the water might not look hot, it is! There have been cases where a container of water or other liquid was removed from the microwave, a utensil (like a spoon) was put in the water, and the hot liquid exploded and burned the skin! So, please be careful and let the water cool!

Dear Heloise:

I recently had toe surgery, and to keep the toe (and tip of my foot) dry while taking a shower, I slip a latex glove over all the toes on that foot. I pull it about halfway up the foot, and it does an excellent job of keeping the healing toe dry.

Paul, via e-mail

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