Harry Potter 6

KidsPost reported last week that author J.K. Rowling will kill off another character in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." We know it won't be Harry because Rowling has said he'll live, at least to make book 7.

We want to know who you think won't make it to the series finale. Go to and vote:

* What character will die in the sixth Harry Potter book?

A. Professor Dumbledore

B. Professor Snape

C. Ron Weasley

D. Hermione Granger

E. Somebody else

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* Last week we asked you the best thing about being president. More than 360 KidsPost readers voted. Here are the results:

Living in the White House -- 20%

Having your own plane -- 12.3%

Being the boss -- 9.7%

Being on television -- 5.5%

Changing the world -- 52.5%

Who's next? Hermione? Ron?

At least Harry is safe -- for now.