Can You Go Farther

On a Penny Farthing?

* Move over, Lance Armstrong.

A 43-year-old father of three is cycling across Australia, all 2,700 miles of it, on a 119-year-old "penny farthing" bicycle.

Lloyd Scott hopes to raise more than $3 million for leukemia research with his six-week stunt.

Scott, a cancer survivor like six-time Tour de France champ Armstrong, grabbed attention when he began his bone-rattling ride last week wearing a heavy tweed suit (which he admits he will likely shed once he hits the Australian desert).

Penny farthing bicycles were popular in the 1880s. The name comes from their wheels: The large front wheel was thought to be like a penny compared with the much smaller rear wheel, or farthing (an old British coin equal to one-fourth of a penny).

A Dog's Life -- Saved

* Two Pennsylvania firefighters who found a limp dog inside a burning house saved its life with mouth-to-snout resuscitation.

"I still have dog breath," said Jason Pooler, "but I'd do it again in a minute."

Pooler and another fireman found the young chocolate Lab on the second floor of a burning house Friday. They carried the dog outside and began CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), an emergency treatment that combines heart massage and mouth-to-mouth breathing.

After a quick checkup at the vet's office, the dog was reunited with its grateful owners.

Lloyd Scott is attempting to ride a 119-year-old penny farthing bicycle across Australia.