Will You Be Dressed

For Halloween Success?

* Halloween is just around the corner. Is your costume ready?

Expect to see a fair number of George W. Bush, John F. Kerry and Spider-Man costumes on the streets Oct. 31. According to a survey of Halloween shoppers, those are among this year's most popular costumes. (We don't know what it says for the presidential candidates that Spider-Man got 49 percent of the vote.)

Spiders won't be the only animals prowling the streets: Twenty-one percent of those in the survey said they would be dressing up their pets.

Here are some other findings:

* Snickers bars were the favorite candy treat, followed by M&M's.

* Seventy percent of trick-or-treaters will do so close to home.

* Sixty-five percent of people plan to turn their homes into haunted mansions with decorations, and 41 percent plan to go trick-or-treating (that number goes way up for kids).

Color Your World

* Do you like to draw? If so, KidsPost needs you. We need art for our daily weather picture. Draw clouds, draw rain, draw leaves blowing to the ground and snowmen being built (it won't be long). After you've drawn, colored or painted, send your artwork (with your name, home town, age and phone number) to KidsPost, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071.

Five golden retrievers are looking for treats in Grand Junction, Colorado.