Party Animals

Don't call 'em "socialite." "Hostess" does nothing for them either. But that doesn't mean they don't throw some of the best parties in Washington. On the right, an article in the latest Elle magazine points out, Washington has Juleanna Glover-Weiss, 36, while the left is carried by Nancy Jacobson Penn, 42.

By day, Glover-Weiss is a GOP lobbyist at Clark & Weinstock, while Jacobson Penn is a Dem fundraiser. But at night the doyennes-to-be have lavish soirees for the famous-for-D.C. types, Glover-Weiss in her Kalorama mansion and Jacobson Penn in her Georgetown mansion. Jacobson Penn is tight with every major Dem player imaginable, most notably Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), while Glover-Weiss has worked for Jesse Helms, Rudy Giuliani, John Ashcroft and Veep Dick Cheney.)

And although they're both married (to Bush advance man Jeffrey Weiss and Dem pollster Mark Penn, respectively), mothers and networkers extraordinaire, "you'll never confuse their parties," writes Lisa DePaulo. "Juleanna's boozy soirees are legend -- for the mix of bold-faced names sure lures . . . and her inimitable style." While "Nancy's affairs, like Nancy herself, are far more earnest . . . intimate salons for powerful Dems." Though some Democrats have been known to party at Glover-Weiss's, she points out: "I hope I don't get in trouble with the White House for letting so many Democrats in my house."

"Juleanna's the kind of chick with whom you'd want to knock back three or six cosmopolitans," writes DePaulo. "Nancy's the one you'd want manning the lifeboats."

"Do I even know any Republicans?" Jacobson Penn cracks. "Well, now I know Juleanna." That's D.C. for ya, true bipartisanship.

Noted . . .

Note to movie execs: If you're going to spoof the Hilton sisters, please be sure to make them hot. Nicky, 21, tells Stuff mag that she didn't think the movie "White Chicks" (with Marlon Wayans and his bro Shawn Wayans) really captured her and her millionaire partying sister, Paris. The younger Hilton -- who's in the news lately for annulling her quickie Vegas walk down the aisle with Todd Meister -- tells Stuff mag, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." But . . . (there's always a but), "I just wished the two chicks who played us were hotter. They were kind of funny-looking" . . .

And we couldn't help but pass along this quote from Sarah Michelle Gellar on "The Late Show with David Letterman" this week. The former butt-kicking Buffy the Vampire Slayer and current star of "The Grudge" had a perfectly reasonable explanation for how (and why) the stove in her apartment in Tokyo caught aflame, torching the entire kitchen. Mrs. Freddie Prinze Jr. explains: "Those things just catch on fire!" . . .

And Pat O'Brien of the Hollywood celeb show "The Insider" caught up with John Edwards in Iowa, where the subject of his famous good looks arose -- natch! (Laura Bush agreed with O'Brien on Monday that Edwards was cute, but added "I like Dick Cheney.") The always-grinning politico laughed and answered, oh-so-modestly: "[His wife and daughters] think it's the silliest thing they ever heard of. In fact, what Cate says is -- she says 'Dad, this is really gross, I really have had enough of this.' I think they got it right."

. . . and Quoted

"Mel has touched me in so many ways, I can press charges."

-- Robert Downey Jr., happily presenting a producing award to good buddy Mel Gibson, as reported by the New York Daily News.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

from staff and wire reports

Juleanna Glover-Weiss, major networker on the right and creator of legendary parties.Nicky Hilton: The "White Chicks" spoofers just weren't hot enough.