Some Hereford Middle School kids agreed to review "Time Elevator America" for us and rate the movie on a 1-to-10 scale (1 being "I never want to see it again"; 10 being "I'd go back tomorrow if I could"). Their thoughts:

The motion was awesome. That was the best part. The first time it was a little surprising, and that was cool. . . . A couple kids around me were screaming and the [cooling] fans made some noise, so I couldn't always hear that well. But the special effects make it a really fun way to learn about how your family tree works. (Rating: 81/2)

Natalie Beck, 13, Whitehall

A one-word description? Excellent. There wasn't anything in the movie I didn't already know, but I liked the animation and the way they [looked at history] from different times. It was a good experience and it was fun. (Rating: 10)

Christina Williams, 13, Glencoe

It was really action-y. Some of the car movements were a little exaggerated, but overall it was pretty cool. I learned about indentured servants and women's rights and how back then [in the 1940s and '50s] families would run their own shops and TV was a big thing. (Rating: 7 or 8)

Bob Der, 14, Freeland