Because of incorrect information from Weekly Reader, an Oct. 26 KidsPost article said that the Weekly Reader poll of students has correctly picked the winner of every presidential election since 1956. In 1992, the survey incorrectly predicted that President George H.W. Bush would defeat Bill Clinton. (Published 10/28/04)

Kids' Choice:

It's Bush 2 to 1

* President Bush wins big.

That's the result from a Weekly Reader survey of more than 327,000 kids in first through 12th grades. Bush won 65 percent of the vote compared with Senator John Kerry's 33 percent.

So how much does the Weekly Reader poll matter? Not much, say professional pollsters. A scientific poll asks people their choice at random. For the Weekly Reader survey, students voted in class, online or on the telephone.

Still, in every election since 1956, the candidate who won the Weekly Reader poll also won the election!

Bush also won the Scholastic kids poll, but Kerry won the Nickelodeon count, 57 percent to 43.

KidsPost readers can vote online, too. On Election Day, next Tuesday, go to www. kidspost to vote. The site also has a daily election trivia quiz and an archive of what KidsPost has written about the presidential campaign.

Loaded for Bear

* Maryland's first bear hunt in 51 years started yesterday in the woods of western Maryland.

The six-day hunt is being held because the population of bears has grown so much in Maryland. In the 1950s, there were only a handful of bears. Today, there are more than 500. No more than 30 bears can be killed in this hunt. By yesterday afternoon, five bears had been killed.

Many animal rights activists object to the hunt and say that killing the bears is cruel. Twenty-eight states allow bear hunting.

Jose Vazquez, left, and David Henry vote in Stamford, Connecticut.