Looking for pumpkin-carving inspiration? If all you can imagine is the same old triangle-eyed, jaggedy-mouthed jack-o'-lantern, then you'd better head over to the annual Halloween display put on by the Holtorf Pumpkin Carving Association in Vienna.

These people are to pumpkin carving what Michael Phelps is to swimming, what Rembrandt is to painting, what SpongeBob is to cartoon comedy.

For the past 20 years, they have been carving incredible scenes into pumpkins: a giant squid attacking a submarine, a wave washing over Japan's Mount Fuji, a Model T truck, the faces of King Tut, George Washington, George Bush and Scooby-Doo.

"I can't really explain why we do this. It's just a lot of fun and it brings the community together," said Roger Holtorf, who, with his wife, Jane, sponsors the annual free show along the driveway of his Vienna home.

Every year, thousands of visitors go to 2328 Trott Ave. to check out as many as 200 fantastic pumpkins, carved by the Holtorfs and friends from around the country.

There's a kids' corner with carvings of Pokemon monsters and other kid-friendly characters. And be sure to check out Red Cloud, a talking pumpkin who addresses most of his comments to kids.

The pumpkins are on display at dusk on Halloween (Sunday) and the following night. In the meantime, enjoy some of KidsPost's favorite images of the season!

Holtorf Pumpkin Carving Association displays creations in Vienna.Katheryn Martinez, 6, lifts a pumpkin in Akron, Iowa. A scarecrow shoots the moon in Emporia, Kansas. KC, a yellow Lab, shows off her "Cicada Dog" costume in Ashburn. Alfonso Erwin poses in Miami Shores, Florida.White House contenders in Salem, New Hampshire. White pumpkins in Wisconsin. Blackie the Hippo celebrates his 50th birthday in Cleveland, Ohio. Contestants in an underwater pumpkin-carving contest in the Florida Keys.