Soccer as Exercise:


* Build strong bones and muscles. Make your lungs work better. Play soccer.

Turns out soccer isn't just fun, it's also good for you. Really good for you. Better than some other kinds of exercise. A study of 10- to 13-year-old boys compared those who played soccer for three hours a week with those who got physical activity such as running in PE class.

After tracking the kids for three years, the soccer players' lungs worked more efficiently, they had more muscles and their bones were stronger. The kids who just did PE actually had more body fat at the end of the study.

Jose A.L. Calbet, who conducted the study, said the combination of kicking, sprinting, jumping and changing direction were responsible. He also said that it's really important for kids to participate in sports they enjoy.

No More Shooting

* Maryland's bear hunt is over.

Officials stopped the hunt the same day it started after hunters killed 20 bears on Monday. The state had said no more than 30 bears could be killed during the planned six-day hunt.

Study says soccer helps boys' lungs, bones and muscles. And it's a fun game.