Kids, Go Nuts!

* Kids are low to the ground, like squirrels, so they should be good at this.

Environmentalists with the Potomac Conservancy are collecting acorns, walnuts and other native hardwood seeds. And they need help, so grab a burlap bag (not plastic, which doesn't "breathe") and get busy.

Seeds collected by Nov. 7 will be given to Maryland and Virginia nurseries to be nurtured into seedlings that eventually will be planted.

Restoring the forests around riverbanks and other wet areas helps the environment by filtering out sediment and pollution. Last year the conservancy collected 18,800 pounds of seeds (enough for 1.5 million trees, potentially). This year's supply is down, collectors say, possibly because of cicada damage to trees over the summer.

To learn more about the seed project, call 301-608-1188 (extension 207) or check out

Boston Glee Party

* They'll be dancing in the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, tomorrow when Red Sox fans celebrate the team's first World Series championship in 86 years. The Red Sox completed a four-game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals Wednesday night to give Boston its first baseball title since 1918.

Collect them all: Environmentalists

want acorns, other seeds for planting.