"Isee a ghost." Our daughter Carroll was not quite 2 years old when she stared into her dark bedroom and said those words. After a momentary flashback to "The Sixth Sense," we learned to comfort her by teaching her to say, "Ghosts, shoo! Go away." Within a few months, the ghosts stopped coming.

One night recently, our second daughter, Lily, stared into her dark bedroom and said, "I see a monster." As experienced parents, we knew how to handle this! But when we started to say, "Shoo! Go away," she pleaded, "But he's my friend!"

Peter Phillips


"You embarrass me." Painful words my parents are very familiar with. It seems as if no 15-year-old ever wants her parents near her. The truth is I do not mean those words, and I never have. Although they do not believe it, they are everything to me. I think the irony hits home every time I bring home that test, that quiz, that project grade. I cannot bring myself to look them in the eye as they sigh and say, "You embarrass me." Words I am too familiar with.

Grace M. Tran


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