John Kerry is a better candidate for the United States of America. . . . Kerry will make sure the schools strengthen the high school curriculum so all students graduate with a meaningful diploma.

Rebecca Fleming, 13

During the time that President Bush has been in office, 1.8 million private-sector jobs have been lost. Senator Kerry will work to create 10 million more jobs here in the U.S.

Amanda Chan, 13

During the three presidential debates . . . Kerry elegantly presented himself as reasonable and logical, while the president focused on not-so-subtle sarcasm and political cheerleading. Bush's behavior is more suited to a high school football captain than the presidency.

Olivia Caldwell, 13

The Kerry campaign has a better plan to protect the environment. The Bush administration supports drilling in Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge for oil to depend less on the Middle East. . . . Kerry opposes drilling in Alaska because it would harm the environment . . . and only reduce dependency on foreign-oil trade by 2 percent.

Olivia Merrion, 13

The war on terror . . . cannot be won by just our military. With Kerry in office, our diplomacy, intelligence system, economy power and the appeal of our values and ideas will be used to make America more secure and stop new terrorists.

Alex Druy, 13

Madison Fairbanks cheers for John F. Kerry in Waterloo, Iowa.