Many of you are enjoying a day off today as your parents and other grown-ups use your schools to vote for president and members of Congress (and in some cases, school board).

But in the spirit of presidential elections and TV commentators spewing tidbits in the hours and hours before the results are known, KidsPost has come up with a presidential trivia quiz. Take it today and we'll tell you the answers tomorrow.

1. Who was the youngest person ever elected president?

A. Theodore Roosevelt

B. Franklin D. Roosevelt

C. John F. Kennedy

D. Chip Carter

2. The Chicago Daily Tribune goofed in 1948 with a famous election-night headline that mistakenly said, "[Who] Defeats Truman":

A. Huey

B. Dewey

C. Louie

3. How many times can someone be elected president?

A. As many times as he, she or we want

B. Twice

C. For up to 12 years

4. In what state have the most presidents been born?

A. Virginia

B. Maryland

C. New York

D. California

5. Why was William Henry Harrison's longest-ever inaugural speech a bad idea?

A. The crowd booed.

B. He got sick and died a month later.

C. TV networks cut away.

6. How many presidents were elected without winning the popular vote?

A. None

B. One

C. Three

D. Four

7. Only two men have run for president with no opposition. George Washington was one. Who was the other?

A. James Madison

B. James Monroe

C. James Garfield

8. Who was the oldest man elected president?

A. George Washington

B. Gerald Ford

C. Ronald Reagan

D. Strom Thurmond

9. Two presidents had sons who also became president. Which families were they?

A. Adams and Roosevelt

B. Harrison and Bush

C. Roosevelt and Bush

D. Bush and Adams

10. Which of these three had the highest percentage of registered voters turn out for the 2000 election?

A. District of Columbia

B. Maryland

C. Virginia

11. A record 114 million people voted in which presidential election?

A. 1992 (Clinton-Bush)

B. 1996 (Clinton-Dole)

C. 2000 (Bush-Gore)

12. In what year were the first presidential debates held?

A. 1858 (Lincoln-Douglas)

B. 1960 (Kennedy-Nixon)

C. 1968 (Nixon-Humphrey-Wallace)

13. In 1960, John F. Kennedy became the first member of this religion to be elected president:

A. Jewish

B. Episcopal

C. Roman Catholic

D. Unitarian

14. Who is the first (and so far, only) presidential candidate from a major party to select a woman as his running mate?

A. Walter Mondale

B. Jesse Jackson

C. Gerald Ford

15. The idea of voting in private, using official ballots listing all qualifying candidates, began in what country?

A. England

B. Australia

C. United States

D. Canada

From left: a long-winded

but short-lived presidency,

a young upstart, an upset win,

a televised debate and a woman running for vice president.