Baby showers can be a bit tedious with all the ohhing and ahhing over mini ensembles. The next time you celebrate the miracle of life, think outside the pink and blue box:

The due-date shirt answers the inevitable question before it's even asked.

The Bandicoot -- a convertible backpack with detachable clutch -- doesn't scream diaper bag. It works as a tote or backpack and it's water- and stain-resistant -- inside and out.

Kipiis (pronounced Kipp-eez) make almost anything a bib. Whether it's a cloth diaper, a kitchen towel or a Starbucks napkin -- just attach the rounded fasteners and baby is protected.

The Gigoteuse from new mom Sophie Demenge is a wearable blanket for the crib. It keeps infants warm and safe -- with no worries about loose blankets.

-- Janelle Erlichman Diamond

Kipiis bib clips ($12 each), at Cosmo Tots, 2729 Wilson Blvd., Arlington.Chenille blanket by Little Giraffe ($58), at convertible backpack by Loom ($121), at Cosmo Tots.Samson Martin maternity "due date" shirts ($54-$58), at' Baby Sling ($87), at 888-645-BABY or sleeping bag by Oeuf ($72), at Proper Topper, 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW or 3213 P St. NW.