From Tarzan to Batman, from goblins to golems and from demure medieval maids to Amazon warrior women, "Magical Adventures: Fantasy Art From the Frank Collection," at the Art Gallery of the University of Maryland, presents characters who embody our most fervent dreams and our blackest nightmares. Call 301-405-2763. See review on Page 52.

-- Michael O'Sullivan


The Sweet Heaven Kings, the scintillating gospel brass "shout" band from Anacostia's United House of Prayer, performs Saturday at 1 at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring in a concert marking the debut of the American Film Institute's online film archive, www.folkstreams.net, built as a national preserve of independent documentaries about American folk and roots culture. Call 301-495-6720.

-- Richard Harrington


Friday at the Lincoln Theatre, Dana Tai Soon Burgess revives last year's paean to his Korean American heritage, "Tracings," a lovingly detailed expedition into his mother's Asian immigrant memories. Filling out the program, his company presents four historic solos dating from 1914 to 1926 by Michio Ito, the Japanese American modern dance choreographer who taught Martha Graham before being deported during World War II.

Call 202-328-6000.

-- Lisa Traiger


So you were looking for an entertaining family picture? Despair no more: "The Incredibles" is here, a wonderfully funny and involving story for almost everyone. The computer-animated movie by

Pixar, the people who gave you "Toy Story," opens Friday. See

review on Page 35.

-- Desson Thomson

Dash Parr

is the extraordinary son in a

family of "Incredibles."