Every day I try to figure out how many more miles I need to run if I eat a candy bar (or two) after lunch. Every morning my 6-year-old son tries to figure out how much "good food" he has to eat before he can ask for dessert. Me and my Mini-Me.

Sophia Dillon


Another youngster is mad. This time it's not crying or pushing, just angry words. Grade school students take their position in line very seriously. It is not unusual to see outbursts over who was in line first.

At last my teaching day is over, and it is time to go home. One more traffic light and I'll be in my neighborhood. As I approach the intersection, a car passes me on the right and cuts me off. It steals the yellow light, and I am caught by the red light. I get mad. I was there first.

Marilyn Harwood


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