The (Foot) Race Is On!

* To set a Guinness World Record for longest line of footprints, you'll have to beat 10,932 prints. That mark was set yesterday at National Geographic headquarters in Washington.

A footprint record didn't exist before, so editors at National Geographic Kids magazine thought it would be fun to establish one. Readers were asked to trace the outline of one of their feet and decorate it.

A stampede of foot tracings came in, some decorated with buttons, glitter, hearts, religious sayings -- even Sonic the Hedgehog and Bart Simpson. It took hours to tape them up, end to end, outside the building, then inside, along the walls, across the lobby, into a basement, past broom closets and over soda machines.

Students from Harriet Tubman Elementary School in Northwest Washington made and taped the last few footprints. "I did the Japanese flag, the American flag and some stained glass," said Oscar Rojas, 11. "I like anime and that comes from Japan."

David Rodriquez, 10, put the blue-and-white flag of El Salvador on his tracing, explaining: "It's the flag of my parents' country."

Thien Vo, 12, drew a map of the world with a hand touching Africa. "One day I want to go all around the world," Thien said. "I want to explore."

Chieu-Ly of Harriet Tubman School checks out the footprints.