Adopted Squirrel

In Nutty Court Case

* After a two-year, $5,000 custody battle, the verdict is in: Nutkin the squirrel can stay with the Pennsylvania couple who raised her.

The 10-year-old gray squirrel, which loves belly rubs, lives in a large pen in Barbara and Jean Gosselin's yard. Nutkin fell out of a tree as a baby and is one of many injured animals the couple has rescued. Named after a Beatrix Potter character, Nutkin is tame enough to be handled and come indoors, the couple said.

Pennsylvania officials disagreed. They said Nutkin is a wild animal and can't be kept as a pet. (Generally it's not a good idea.) While the case was being argued in three courts, the Gosselins squirreled Nutkin away -- bad pun! -- for a year in a nearby town.

Last week a three-judge panel, in an 11-page opinion, said the couple had not broken Pennsylvania law because they got Nutkin when they lived in South Carolina, where raising wildlife is legal.

* Corrections: The wettest place on Earth, our weather trivia question on Tuesday, is in the nation of Colombia, not Columbia.

Also, a photo caption yesterday gave the wrong name for a student looking at a footprint exhibit at National Geographic headquarters. Her name is Chieu-Ly Vo.

Nutkin lives with Jean and Barbara Gosselin in Pennsylvania.