N-S vulnerable


{spade} 10 8 3

{heart} A Q J

{diam} 10 6 4

{club} A J 8 5


{spade} 6 4

{heart} 10 7 4 3

{diam} K Q J 3

{club} K 9 2


{spade} A

{heart} K 9 8 5 2

{diam} 8 7 2

{club} Q 10 6 4


{spade} K Q J 9 7 5 2

{heart} 6

{diam} A 9 5

{club} 7 3

The bidding:NorthEastSouthWest1 {club}Pass1{spade}Pass1 NTPass4 {spade}All PassOpening lead: {diam} K

Reading a bridge magazine will sharpen your technique and keep you up-to-date on what's happening in the world of bridge. Here are four good choices:

* The Bridge World, published since 1929, contains material for experts as well as for aspiring players. For the magazine's great Web site, go to www.bridgeworld.com.

* Bridge Today, available online, is edited by Matthew and Pamela Granovetter, who also offer other online services. See www.bridgetoday.com.

* The Bridge Bulletin, issued for its members by the American Contract Bridge League, has tournament reports, player profiles and loads of instruction. See www.acbl.org or call 800-264-2743. ACBL members get many other benefits.

* A new entry is Better Bridge magazine, formerly part of the ACBL's magazine but now on its own. It offers instruction for learning players plus other features.

In today's quiz deal from Better Bridge, South sees four losers at four spades -- a trump, two diamonds and a club -- but can use dummy's hearts to discard one loser. To succeed no matter where the king of hearts lies, South takes the ace at Trick Two and leads the queen. If East played low, South would pitch a diamond, and if West could win, South would later discard a club on the jack of hearts.

In the actual deal, East may cover the queen of hearts, and South ruffs and leads a trump, again losing only two diamonds and a trump.

To subscribe to Better Bridge, contact the publisher, Baron-Barclay, at 800-274-2221 or at www.baronbarclay.com/books/grantmag.html.

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