A former producer and business associate of Michael Jackson is suing the pop star, claiming he hasn't been paid more than $3 million in loans and producing fees.

The breach-of-contract lawsuit filed Tuesday by J. Marc Schaffel details loans and payments made on Jackson's behalf and claims the singer failed to fully pay Schaffel for his role in producing two television specials.

The specials, which aired on Fox early last year, were intended to counter a damaging portrayal of Jackson in televised interviews with British journalist Martin Bashir.

Schaffel claims in the Superior Court lawsuit that he is still owed $800,000 of the $3 million he was entitled to receive for producing the specials, and $2.3 million for payments and loans for Jackson over the past three years.

Schaffel said that since 2001 he has made loans or payments totaling $8.6 million but has been repaid only $6.3 million.

The lawsuit lists Jackson's requests for money, including $600,000 to buy a piece of jewelry for Elizabeth Taylor and $1 million to pay Marlon Brando for appearing in a Jackson concert and music video.

Jackson also asked for and received $500,000 in "emergency cash" after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks "in case he needed to take shelter underground somewhere with his family," according to the lawsuit.

The suit seeks general, special and compensatory damages totaling at least $3.1 million.

The suit cites two Jackson TV specials.