Standing on the Red Line platform, I notice that the arriving train is full. If the Metro were an elevator, I would wait for the next one, but I don't know when the next one will come. So I jam myself into the small space available. I am inches away from the man next to me and wonder if I should introduce myself because we are sharing the same space. Even though my hand grazes his as we grasp the same pole, I figure this is not the time to get personal.

Marsha O'Mara


Istare at the dazzling night stars wondering if there is someone staring back. There seems to be nothing the world can give me. I'm so lost and caught up with homework that I lose sight of reality. I'm so involved with people I don't know because I want to fit in. After every day of school, I come home tired and grumpy. But my mood never affects anyone else. Instead everyone else just tries to cheer me up. It doesn't matter if I fight with them because I will always love them and they will always love me.

Nico Jones


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