Flying High for Harry

* Would you like to read the new Harry Potter book while flying over the Atlantic Ocean on your way to Harry's home town of London?

Well, 10 lucky and talented kids will get to do just that as part of an essay contest run by Scholastic, publisher of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

Harry Potter fans (18 and under only) should write an essay of fewer than 300 words explaining why they love reading about Harry Potter. Ten kids and chaperones will fly from New York to London on July 15 aboard a jet (sorry if you thought you got to go on broomsticks). At 12:01 a.m. on July 16, everyone on the flight gets a copy of the book. Once in London, kids get to spend four days and nights looking for Platform 93/4, Diagon Alley and Privet Drive.

Go to for all the rules.

Speaking of HP, here's an update on our survey of the one book KidsPost readers most want to read this summer:

The Power of Cheese

* While you are in London, maybe you'd like to chase some cheese.

Thousands of people hurled themselves down a 640-foot hill Monday, chasing after four large rounds of cheese in an event that welcomes spring.

One of the winners had to be taken to the hospital with an injured ankle: Teenager Chris Anderson clutched the winning cheese as he was taken away on a stretcher. He was going to put the cheese on display. "It's definitely not for eating," he said.

Probably not, after being rolled in dirt and grass.

Competitors risk injury to chase after cheese rounds in England.