Dear Heloise:

I was prompted to write to you concerning the collection of eyeglasses for those people who cannot afford the cost of new glasses.

The Lions Clubs of our district have been engaged in the collection of eyeglasses for many years, and the effect that it has had on a worldwide basis is overwhelming. Last year our club, the Houston Cy-Fair Lions Club, collected more than 110,000 pairs of eyeglasses.

This is a very worthwhile program, because the glasses we collect are distributed throughout the world.

The Lions Eye Bank of Texas, in cooperation with the Baylor College of Medicine, also collects and distributes corneas for research and transplantation to help in the conservation of sight.

Al Lindow, Houston

Readers, check with your local Lions Club about eyeglass donations and where to find a drop-off point. Having worn glasses since before age 5, I have passed on many of them, and it's comforting to know they will help someone out.

Dear Heloise:

I love to cook with rice, but whenever I tried to pour out the amount I needed to cook, I would always spill it. So, I took an empty, plastic powdered-drink container and filled it with rice. Since rice is usually prepared with 2 parts water to 1 part rice, the marks in the container's lid for 1 quart or 2 quarts of drink are an easy way of measuring out the rice and water. Using the 1-quart mark for rice and the 2-quart mark for water, I get just the right amount of rice for one or two servings, and the container is much easier to handle.

Amber Briggs

Baraboo, Wis.

Dear Heloise:

My daughter and her husband have a queen-size bed. When she buys sheets, she gets a fitted queen-size bottom, but a king-size top -- so when one of them rolls over, he or she doesn't take the sheet off of the other.

Kathy and I have laughed because at checkout it is brought to her attention that she doesn't have a matching pair. When she explains it to them, they think it is a wonderful idea!

Helen B. Wise

Claypool, Ind.

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