Some Gals Have All the Luck

Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice -- unless you're Donna Goeppert. The 55-year-old woman from Bethlehem, Pa., won $1 million in a Pennsylvania Lottery scratch-off ticket earlier this year, then secured another million-dollar ticket last week.

"What are the odds of that?" said Goeppert, who calls her luck "just unbelievable."

According to state lottery officials, the odds of winning the lottery once are 1.44 million to 1, while the odds of winning again depend on the number of tickets scratched. Bob Storer, a professor at Lehigh University, estimated the odds of hitting the jackpot twice at 419 million to 1, if 100 tickets are played.

With her original winnings, Goeppert paid off her and her children's mortgages and bought a new Cadillac. Lottery officials said Goeppert's claim for the second jackpot will take four to six weeks to verify.

Smells Like a Truce

Now kiss and make up. Burt Reynolds and his former girlfriend Pamela Seals have agreed to resolve lawsuits they filed against each other in November.

The 69-year-old actor was the first to file suit last year, alleging that Seals, 49, was threatening to falsely accuse him of abuse if he didn't pay her millions of dollars. Not to be outdone, Seals countersued the next day, claiming abuse and broken promises.

In her lawsuit, Seals said Reynolds had agreed to support her and her mother, regardless of whether the relationship survived. She also said the actor had promised to give her half of his Jupiter, Fla., estate.

Reynolds's West Palm Beach-based lawyer, John McGovern, said Monday: "Neither side admits the allegations in the other's lawsuit, but both parties are committed to putting this matter behind them."

Marital Arts Expert

Action hero Jackie Chan apparently is on a mission to proliferate Chinese culture. The Hong Kong native told the South China Morning Post that he wants foreigners to marry Shanghai women "so their children will be able to speak Chinese."

"It will help spread Chinese culture far and wide," he said this week at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

According to the newspaper, women from China's largest city are viewed as the most sophisticated in the country.

Chan, 51, also said he wants to see more teahouses open next to Starbucks coffee shops and has called for Chinese-style sesame seed cake shops to compete with McDonald's restaurants.

Last week, the film star wrote a five-page open letter of apology to the Taiwanese media after describing last year's national elections as "the biggest joke in the world."

Chan maintains his comments were taken out of context.

End Notes

* Angelina Jolie and her 3-year-old son, Maddox, were spotted taking in the sights at the National Air and Space Museum on Monday. Museum spokesman Peter Golkin told The Post that Jolie was recognized by visitors despite her large sunglasses, but did not appear to be bothered. She was here to meet with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Dick Lugar to raise awareness of refugees.

* "Super Size Me" star Morgan Spurlock briefly stopped in Washington yesterday to promote his FX documentary series "30 Days," which debuts at 10 tonight. Spurlock complained to The Post that his 10-hour visit didn't leave any time for fun in the city: "Unfortunately, there [was] no time to hang out and go to any museums. I just love doing that."

-- Compiled by Korin Miller

from staff and wire reports

Winner Donna Goeppert, left, and deli clerk Julianne Wentz.Burt Reynolds and former girlfriend Pamela Seals.