Ready to Scoot?

Not So Fast!

* It's summertime, school's out (or almost out) and so maybe you're thinking of cruising around the neighborhood on a gas- or battery-powered scooter.

"Be careful" is the gist of a government warning this week. Turns out the very popular scooters sent about 10,000 people to the emergency room between July 2003 and June 2004. Two-thirds were kids younger than 15.

The government warned that sometimes kids go too fast and not everyone wears a helmet (which, of course, you should). Seven out of every 10 scooter accidents could be prevented if kids were more careful, the government said.

But not all of the problems are with riders. There are serious problems with some scooters. On Tuesday the government recalled 275,000 of them. About 246,000 are Razor electric scooters whose handlebars could bend or break. The problem has caused at least 16 injuries, including three broken arms. In addition, about 29,000 Fisher-Price electric scooters were recalled because the wheel rim could break if the tire is overinflated.

If you think you might have one of these scooters, ask your parents to log on to for more information.

The companies will arrange to fix the scooters for free. If you have one of the recalled models, you should stop riding it until it is fixed.

Take it easy, rider: Wear a helmet -- and check scooter recall lists.