"If God and Superman got into a fight, who would win?"

"Is it true what they say, Dad -- that men are smarter than women?"

"If you put a blanket on backward, would it be cold?"

"Do people in books know they are in books or do they think they are in the real world?"

At 4, my son wanted to understand the world. At 17, he is confident that he does. At 60, I am still working on the answers.

David Fegan

Falls Church

When I rode in my Dad's '69 Impala, I sat in the front seat next to him. No special car seat, simply a seat belt. Every once in a while, he'd reach over, slap my knee and give me a big grin. But no explanation.

When my 5-year-old son rides in my car, I secure him in his car seat, in the back seat of course. Every once in a while, I reach back there, slap his knee and give him a big grin in the rearview mirror. He looks at me quizzically. What's to explain?

Nick Lazaro


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