Missing Boy Scout Rescued in Utah

* Imagine getting lost on a campout and staying lost for four days.

That's what happened to 11-year-old Brennan Hawkins, who disappeared from a Boy Scout camp in Utah on Friday afternoon. Thousands of people spent days searching for him, and late yesterday morning they found him about five miles from the camp. He was hungry, thirsty and tired, but otherwise fine.

Brennan had no food or water with him when he disappeared. He was wearing a T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts and tennis shoes. While it had gotten chilly at night, the weather had been pretty warm during the day, with no rain. Searchers said that helped Brennan survive for so long.

When he was found, Brennan didn't want to answer any questions about how he got lost. He did, however, drink the water rescuers had. He also ate a bunch of granola bars and played a video game on the cell phone of one of his rescuers. He asked for his mom, and he was reunited with his parents and taken to a hospital to be checked out.

Not Monkeying Around:

Congo's Art Sells

* Artwork painted by Congo the chimpanzee sold for more than $25,000 at an auction this week.

The three abstract paintings, which an American collector bought for $26,352, were sold as a bit of a joke.

"We had no idea what these things were worth," said Howard Rutkowski, art director at the English auction house that held the sale. "We just put them in for our own amusement."

Congo, born in 1954, produced about 400 drawings and paintings. He died in 1964.

Three paintings by Congo the chimp sold for more than $25,000.Brennan Hawkins, 11, disappeared last Friday while camping in Utah.