A new puzzle makes its debut in the comics pages on Monday. Sudoku is a numbers puzzle, but you don't need any arithmetic to solve it. Instead it's a test of logic. The puzzle has been around for decades in one form or another, but the current version is enjoying wide popularity in Europe and is now making its way to the United States. We're excited to introduce it to the Washington area. Sudoku will appear on the third comics page Monday through Saturday and on the back page of the Sunday comics. (Its first appearance on Sundays will be on July 10.)

To make room for it, the Bridge column will move to a new location inside Style Monday through Friday and will continue to appear in Sunday Style. The column will no longer be published on Saturday. Also, the Hints From Heloise column will change its schedule, appearing in the Tuesday Style section beginning next week and continuing to appear in the same place in the Sunday comics. And we'll complete the transition in our advice columns, saying goodbye to Dear Abby; the Ask Amy column will continue to appear on the comics pages daily. We hope you'll enjoy the new puzzle.

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