by Ron Roy

ages 7 to 10

This week's entry in the KidsPost Summer Book Club is meant for slightly younger readers. But just about any kid in the Washington area will enjoy these books, which are set in the nation's capital and include lots of places that you will recognize.

The first book, "Who Cloned the President?," introduces readers to best friends KC Corcoran and Marshall Li just as they're getting a fourth-grade assignment to write a report about a president. KC is to do her report on the current president (Zachary Thornton, not George W. Bush; these books are, after all, fiction!). KC loves the news and reads The Washington Post regularly (KidsPost, we trust) to get her news, and it's while reading the newspaper that she gets her first clue that something has happened to the real president.

The title gives you a big clue as to what has happened, but it's still fun to read along as KC and Marshall sneak into the White House (with a jar of spiders!), unmask the fake president and rescue the real president.

In later books, KC and Marshall must rescue the president and KC's mom from kidnappers, save all the Smithsonian museums and track down a four-legged spy in the White House.

The Capital Mysteries series might have a good, long run for loyal readers. After all, Ron Roy just finished the very popular A to Z Mysteries series.

-- Tracy Grant

Other titles in the series: "Kidnapped at the Capital," "The Skeleton in the Smithsonian," "A Spy in the White House" and "Who Broke Lincoln's Thumb" (coming in December).