Organizing for Oprah

Whatever, Hermes. Oprah fans in Washington are taking to the streets Tuesday to push a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for her.

The Oprah Winfrey for the Nobel Peace Prize Fan Club was formed last month after Rockville PR man Rocky Twyman heard a speech given May 24 by the talk show host for the U.S. Dream Academy, which helps children whose family members have been or are incarcerated. "Oprah was so humble," Twyman told The Post yesterday. "She thanked God for being able to do these wonderful things and proceeded to write a check for $1 million."

Twyman was inspired: "It just hit me -- this is a woman who is spreading peace with her financial wherewithal. So we decided to try to get her a Nobel Peace Prize."

The founder, along with all five club members, plan to stake out Metro stops with their petition, then send it to previous winners, such as Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter, who make the nominations. Twyman said he's also encouraging friends across the country to join his cause.

What's next -- Oprah for president?

'Good Guy' Gets a Happy Ending

All's well that ends well. Washington lobbyist Terry Holt, dubbed Washington's "Bachelor" in 2003, became engaged to makeup artist Cook Houser on Wednesday night. And he wants former Post Reliable Source columnist Lloyd Grove to know it.

For three days in January 2003, Grove wrote a series of items about an online personal ad the lobbyist wrote. The first item was headlined "The Bachelor, Washington-Style."

Titled "Good Guy Seeks Humor and Beauty," Holt's ad said he earned "more than $150,000 income," sported a "6-foot, 2-inch athletic body" and was "breath-takingly decent and friendly." Grove published excerpts and invited bachelorettes to send e-mails to pass on to Holt. The columnist wrote that he received a flood of responses from "willing women -- many of whom enclosed comely photos," as well as calls from TV shows that wanted to interview the love-seeker.

Yesterday, Grove, now at the New York Daily News, told The Post: "I'm glad Terry has finally found someone to make him look better."

And Holt said that when he proposed, he was "reminded of how bizarre that whole experience was at the time." The lobbyist added that he is "so thankful that I found the most wonderful girl."

And no, he didn't meet her online.

End Notes

* At least this Bennifer is official: Ben Affleck, 32, and Jennifer Garner, 33, tied the knot Wednesday at Parrot Cay resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands, reports Us Weekly. Reps for both actors, who'd been dating since last year, confirmed the event. This is the second marriage for Garner, who split from "Felicity" co-star Scott Foley in 2003. Affleck's engagement to pop diva Jennifer Lopez also ended that year. The newlyweds are expecting a child in the fall.

* Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse inhaled a lunchtime feast in record time yesterday at the Mediterranean restaurant Zaytinya. After calling ahead, the 46-year-old chef arrived at 12:30 p.m. at the Ninth Street NW restaurant with his security detail and Joan Nathan, guest curator of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival's "Food Culture U.S.A." program. According to Zaytinya spokesman Bethany Venkatesan, Lagasse signed autographs for the staff and wolfed down 10 menu items, departing 20 minutes later for a 1 p.m. cooking demonstration on the Mall. Hopefully, a package of Tums was included in his doggie bag.

-- Compiled by Korin Miller

from staff and wire reports

Oprah, the next Nobel Peace Prize laureate?The search is over for Terry Holt, who found his "wonderful girl," fiancee Cook Houser.