Dear Readers:

It seems like every time you turn around these days, there's a new scam or fraud that you have to watch out for! And too often, senior citizens who have spent a lifetime working hard and saving for retirement are the targets. My friends in Pueblo, Colo., who for years have provided helpful government information, have put together a new package of publications that will help you and your loved ones be safe! Check out the list below, and order your free package today. Supplies are limited. You can send your request to: Heloise, Pueblo, CO 81009; call 1-888-8PUEBLO (that's 1-888-878-3256) and ask for the free Heloise package; or go online to and click on "Heloise." Get this great, free package from the General Services Administration's Federal Citizen Information Center today.

The following is a list of the brochures:

1. 66 Ways to Save Money

2. Going Wireless: A Consumer Guide to Choosing Cellular Service

3. Home Sweet Home Improvement

4. Online Security and Safety Tips, from Microsoft.

5. Variable Annuities: What You Should Know

6. A Guide to Disability Rights

7. Consumer Protection: A Guide to Your Rights and Choices

8. 2005 Consumer Action Handbook

9. Identity Theft: Reduce Your Risk

10. Ready to Move?

11. Caring for an Aging Loved One

12. The Basics of Risk Scoring

13. Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare's New Preventive Benefits

14. Putting Telephone Scams on Hold

15. Consumer Information Catalogue

Take a few minutes to order this information today!

Dear Heloise:

I sew a lot, using different sizes of needles. When I put a needle in the sewing machine, I put the package it came in on top of the stack, then secure it with an elastic band. The next time I sew, I glance at the top package to see which weight needle is in the machine. Saves me time, and I no longer have to check the needle itself.

S.M. of Virginia

Dear Heloise:

A warning regarding spraying pans/racks for baking: I was holding up a rack for spraying, not realizing that as I was spraying, some of it was falling on the floor, making the kitchen floor very slippery. I walked across the kitchen, slipped and fell. When spraying, hold the pan/rack over the sink to prevent similar accidents.

Also, I get eyedrops through the mail, and they come in two cartons taped together. When I open the first box, I tear off the top flap, and at a glance I can see how much is left. When I open the second box, I move the empty box to the phone to remind me to order a new supply.

March in Washington

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