E-W vulnerable


{spade} 9 8 4

{heart} A Q J 6

{diam} Q 10 9

{club} 10 8 7


{spade} Q J 10 7 5

{heart} 10 7 5 4 3

{diam} K 4

{club} K


{spade} A 6 3

{heart} 9 8 2

{diam} 7 6 3

{club} J 6 5 4


{spade} K 2

{heart} K

{diam} A J 8 5 2

{club} A Q 9 3 2

The bidding: WestNorthEastSouth Pass Pass Pass 1 {diam}1 {spade} Dbl Pass3 {club}Pass3 {diam} Pass3 NTAll Pass Opening lead: {spade} Q

Grapefruit, our sourpuss member, had to go to the hospital for gallstones. He was in intensive care before being transferred to a room where, he said, the only time a nurse appeared was at 3 a.m. to give him a sleeping pill.

"I went from ICU to 'no see you,' " growled Grapefruit.

Grapefruit had lost none of his gall when he returned to the club. He was today's West, and East took the ace of spades and fired back a spade. South won, huddled . . . and led the ace of clubs!

"Either you peeked or you're nuts," Grapefruit snarled as he played the king.

South then overtook his king of hearts with the ace, cashed the Q-J, and led the 10 of clubs through East, winning five clubs, three hearts, a diamond and a spade.

South's play wasn't a case of "I see you": South had an extra chance. If the king of clubs didn't fall, South would take his heart tricks and finesse in diamonds. If the finesse won, South would win five diamonds, three hearts, a club and a spade.

Daily Question

You hold:

{spade} 9 8 4 {heart} A Q J 6 {diam} Q 10 9 {club} 10 8 7.

Your partner opens one diamond, you bid one heart, he tries two clubs and you return to two diamonds. Partner next bids two hearts. What do you say?

Answer: Partner bid again despite your discouraging preference, hence he has extra strength and game interest. Since you have nine good points, you can accept. Bid four hearts. Since your suit is strong, you can play at the cheaper game in a 4-3 fit.

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