Tales from the high school reunion front:

Joe Pavlock graduated from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring in 1970. In the yearbook for that year, Joe is remembered as being president of the Crest Club, a member of the wrestling team and active in the citizenship committee and Varsity Club.

He had another extracurricular activity that didn't end up in the yearbook, however: "My forte in high school was rolling houses on the weekends."

In other words, Joe flung a mean roll of toilet paper. Call him the Christo of Silver Spring.

"I was so good that I would get requests every week on slips of paper put into my locker to TP someone's house," he said. "I would go to Drug Fair in those days and get 10 rolls for a buck, and when I was in a pinch, I'd take all the toilet paper from the janitors' closet in school."

Yup, Joe had it down to quite the little science. You can just imagine the reaction of those who were the objects of his late-night industry: What's that on our trees? Spanish moss? No, it's Charmin.

As Joe got older, he left his pranking ways behind. Then came his high school reunion.

"At the end of the 25th reunion weekend I went to Ocean City for the week," he said. "Upon my arrival home, I found my house completely TPed -- front, back and side yards. I was told at least 10 people were involved."

Said Joe, in wonderful understatement, "I guess what goes around does come around."

Then there's the high school reunion that Pam Bone of Lexington Park attended in 1993. It was her 30th, a casual hot dogs-and-root beer gathering at a swim club in Huntington, W.Va.

"The unusual part was that the swim club was owned by the YMCA, so no alcohol was allowed," said Pam. "As a result many almost-50-year-old people were sneaking out to their cars and getting something to drink from their trunks."

Finally, a couple in Dunn Loring had a high school reunion story that they asked to share anonymously, since it involves classmates who may not want their identities revealed.

A few years ago, just before his class's 20th reunion, the husband's prom date called to say that she wouldn't be attending but wanted to give everyone her best. She'd married, then divorced. "She revealed that she had discovered that she was gay," said the man, "and wanted me to be the first person from our class that she shared this with."

Earlier this year, the wife's prom date called to say that he had married, had a child but had recently divorced. He had discovered that he was gay. Said the husband: "What are the odds that both of our prom dates would discover themselves later in life?"

Those sorts of revelations are what make life so interesting. Which is why it's a shame to miss your high school reunion. (And I mean you, Karen, who's promised me for years that you'd come to the reunion. And you too, Diane. Aren't you curious if I still have hair?)

Here are some upcoming area reunions:

Loudoun County High Class of 1985 -- July 9. Contact Melanie Casey Crovo at 540-345-6709 or ikerbiker@hotmail.com.

Bowie High Class 1985 -- July 22, 23 and 24. E-mail BowieHigh1985Reunion@yahoo.com or go to www.bowiehs.com.

Paint Branch High Class of 1980 -- July 22 and 23. E-mail Linda Uber Dombrowski at mike_dombrowski@msn.com or Jessica Golden at jessica.golden@nielsenentertainment.com.

Wakefield High Class of 1985 -- July 30. www.greatreunions.com.

Walt Whitman High Class of 1975 -- July 30. E-mail whitman75reunion@nycap.rr.com.

Hylton High Class of 1995 -- Aug. 6. www.greatreunions.com.

Woodbridge High Class of 1985 -- Aug. 6. www.greatreunions.com.

Hayfield High Class of 1985 -- Aug. 13. www.greatreunions.com.

Northwestern High Class of 1960 -- Aug. 20. Contact Carole Godfrey Lewis at 301-262-7138 or carolelew@msn.com.

Washington-Lee High Class of 1995 -- Aug. 20. www.greatreunions.com.

Rockville High Class of 1980 -- Aug. 20 and 21. E-mail minwein@aol.com.

Ascension Academy of Alexandria Classes of 1964 through 1982 -- Aug. 27. Contact Greg Murphy at glmurphy@vssp.com or Susan Fannon at burroughsv@cox.net.

Thomas S. Wootton High Class of 1985 -- Sept. 3 and 4. www.geocities.com/woottonclassof1985.

Oxon Hill High Class of 1995 -- Sept. 17. www.greatreunions.com.

James Madison High Class of 1990 -- Sept. 23 and 24. E-mail Withers Covel at wcovel@bellatlantic.net.

Theodore Roosevelt High Class of 1955 -- Sept. 23 and 24. E-mail Gerry Wolf at gpwolf@verizon.com or call Ronnie Lenkin at 301-460-0202.

Mount Vernon High Classes of 1954 and 1955 -- Sept. 24. Contact Jeanne Rossie Barrett at 703-780-5838.

West Springfield High Class of 1985 -- Sept. 24. www.capitalreunions.com.

Wilson High Class of 1980 -- Sept. 24. Contact Hollis Davis at hdavis1214@yahoo.com or wilsonhs1980@yahoo.com.

Moss Hollow

Today's the last day of Week 2 at Camp Moss Hollow, the summer camp for at-risk kids that readers of this column generously fund. On Monday, a new group of kids will come. Hope Asterilla, the camp's director, sent me a letter recently that described what happens when the new bunch of campers pulls in:

"Each child who crosses our gates comes with a clean slate," Hope wrote. "We know they may make mistakes, but we teach them the lesson is not to give up -- the lesson is to learn to do this differently in a way that will yield success."

That lesson can be hard to grasp when the streets outside your home are grim and the life inside your home is rough. And that's why Moss Hollow is such an oasis for so many children.

We desperately need your help. Our goal by July 27 is $650,000. So far we've raised $134,985.99. Here's how you can make a tax-deductible contribution:

Make a check or money order payable to "Send a Kid to Camp" and mail it to Family & Child Services, P.O. Box 96237, Washington, D.C. 20090-6237.

To contribute online, go to www.washingtonpost.com/johnkelly. Click on the icon that says, "Make a Donation."

To donate by MasterCard or Visa by phone, call 202-334-5100 and follow the instructions.

My weekly online chat is nothing like high school. You don't have to worry if you have zits. Join us at 1 p.m. today at www.washingtonpost.com/liveonline.