Shuttle Launch Delayed

* Space shuttle Discovery didn't get to go into space yesterday.

A little more than two hours before Discovery was to become the first shuttle to fly in 21/2 years, the launch was canceled. A fuel gauge on the external tank (the big orange thing) read empty when it should have read full. NASA, the space agency, decided the shuttle shouldn't be launched.

The next possible launch would be Saturday. If the shuttle can't be launched this month, it would have to wait until September because of the position of the international space station -- the destination for Discovery and its seven astronauts.

Iraq Bombing Kills

Many Children

* There was a terrible attack in Iraq yesterday, one that killed many children.

A car filled with explosives was blown up next to two Humvees (armored vehicles that U.S. soldiers use to get around in Iraq). Soldiers had gotten out of the Humvees to give candy and toys to children in a neighborhood near Iraq's capital of Baghdad.

The explosion was believed to be deliberate and carried out by people who are against war in Iraq and the presence of U.S. soldiers in the country. At least 26 people, many of them children, died in the bombing. Many more were hurt.

Part of what made this attack so horrible was that the bomber must have known innocent children would be hurt and killed.

"The terrorist undoubtedly saw the children around the Humvee as he attacked," said Maj. Russ Goemaere, a military spokesman.

NHL Ready to Return

* Caps fans rejoice!

Professional hockey owners and players reached a deal yesterday that will end a fight that forced the cancellation of the 2004-2005 hockey season.

The 2005-2006 season is scheduled to begin in October.

Shuttle commander Eileen Collins and crew are ready, but Discovery isn't.Soldiers were handing out candy and toys in Iraq before deadly car bomb.