Dear Amy:

You be the judge.

Last night, we ate dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. We are both in our mid-fifties and have been dating exclusively for 18 months.

We were served by a young man whom we know from past visits. We both agree that he is good-looking and very personable.

After he brought our drinks, my girlfriend casually said to me that if she were 30 years younger, she could imagine going out with this man.

I told her that this was very disrespectful to me and I was upset the rest of the night. She felt I was way overreacting and to "get over it." What do you and your readers think of this behavior?

Not Over I.T.

My point of view is that your lady friend isn't 30 years younger and she is going home with you. I realize that you think she was comparing you to your waiter, but she wasn't. She was comparing her present self with her self of 30 years ago. Trust me, that ain't pretty. Now get over it.

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