Getting in Tune With Fashion

Style pointers from your iPod? "Hip Tips" from the Bravo makeover series "Queer Eye" has been a steady occupant of iTunes podcasting's top 10 downloads list for the past week. The free feature offers snippets of fashion and lifestyle advice from the show's stars, the Fab 5.

Ted Allen, the quintet's food and wine expert, told The Post yesterday that the advice is important because "men, in particular, have never been taught this stuff by their fathers or mothers -- especially when it comes to hair or dressing well." One example: Three-button suit jackets should be fastened first at the middle button and then the top.

So who is Allen dying to get his hands on? The 40-year-old said he'd "really love" to do a makeover on President Bush's senior adviser Karl Rove. "We'd give him a new job. I think he'd be an excellent prosecutor in Tupelo, Miss. Then maybe we'd give him a little liposuction under his jaw. He's had too many steaks." He said it, not us.

Jenna Bush Raises Her Profile

The Bush administration . . . starring Jenna! First daughter Jenna Bush, 23, has been a very public companion during her mother's trip to Africa this week. The once camera-shy twin joined Laura Bush for a dinner with Tanzanian first lady Anna Mkapa, visited an AIDS prevention and treatment center and bought beaded jewelry at a social services organization for the rural poor in the country. "She thinks that her presence is important to let young people her age know that her generation is also committed," the first lady said of her daughter's increasingly frequent public appearances. Jenna's twin, Barbara, is also on the continent -- volunteering at a South African hospital for young AIDS patients. Is this the end of the Bush twins' party-hopping ways? Sob! Sob!

Going to the Mat for a Cause

A Washington news anchor is among the more than 40 celebrities who have personalized yoga mats for an eBay charity auction.

Channel 4's Joe Krebs, model Christie Brinkley, "Entourage" star Jeremy Piven and others lent their names in support of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Most scribed encouraging anti-smoking messages on the mats. Piven wrote "Clean Lungs, Baby!" while "Viva la Bam" actor Bam Margera simply wrote "Viva la Bam." Can't hurt to advertise, right?

Spokesman Patrick Seiffert told The Post that 12 mats were sold in the first round of the auction, which began June 29, and more have just been released. A mat signed by the cast of the soap opera "Days of Our Lives" went for $167.50, while the one bearing singer Melissa Etheridge's signature sold for a mere $100. As of yesterday, Krebs's $25 mat had not received a bid.

FYI: You can purchase a graffiti-free yoga mat at most retail stores for $15, but isn't that boring? The auction ends July 20. Namaste.

End Notes

* The first man to walk in space couldn't get enough of the National Air & Space Museum's gift shop yesterday. Spokesman Peter Golkin told The Post that former Russian cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov, 71, made a mad dash for the souvenirs after a program that celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz project. "He went on this crazy shopping spree. He bought ties for himself and mini flight suits for his grandkids," Golkin said, laughing. "He was quite a scene."

* Zsa Zsa Gabor, 88, has returned to her Bel-Air home after recovering from a minor stroke that required emergency surgery July 6 to clear a blocked artery.

-- Compiled by Korin Miller

from staff and wire reports

Jenna Bush, who has been highly visible on her mother's trip to Africa, hands out pictures of her pets in Tanzania.